Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The reason for the Season?

There is a house in a neighborhood close to ours that is one of those houses. The kind that goes way overboard on the Christmas decorations.  Of course, the Salad loves that over the top holiday spirit.  I prefer the more subtle holiday decor, but I submitted to colored lights on the tree this year.  You gotta give a little to get a little, you know?

Anyway, the point of this story is not our decorations, but this other houses'.  It has at least 40 of those giant inflatable deals, you know the kind - Santa landing on the roof in a helicopter, a reindeer on a Ferris wheel, Frosty the Snowman riding on a motorcycle.  Not to mention the lights strung from the eaves of the house, the LED Christmas trees lining the walkway, the 8 foot long Happy Holidays banner strung over the driveway.  Along with gobs and gobs of super size candy canes, abominable snowmen, misfit toys and Mrs. Claus'.  They play music through speakers on the lawn.

But the thing that cracks me up is that in the very corner of the house, almost on the next door neighbor's yard, there is a small nativity scene, with a teeny tiny baby Jesus. It looks like an afterthought. 
Happy Birthday, baby Jesus!

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  1. haha that was hilarious when we drove by that!