Friday, January 20, 2012

The 13th Post on this Blog in which I talk about Poop

The weather called for the high 50s last Tuesday. I know I keep saying it, but it is January. It should be like 30. Ms. Amy and I both jumped on the chance to be outside again and brought our babes to the Zoo.

It was mostly a good day, even if the carousel, train and "Goose Floats" (A's name for the Swan Boats) were all closed for the winter. Though, there were several fights among my Salad about who got to push whom in the stroller that Ms. Amy brought along. The irony of the Salad loving strollers now that I don't need them anymore is not lost on this mama. That's off the subject though. The subject of this post is poop.

I wanted to study the polar bears, since we've been talking about animals that have blubber. I had an experiment in mind for when we got home. We were going to stick our bare hand in freezing water and see how long we could keep it there, then we'd cover our hands in Crisco and gloves and then submerge our hands again to see if our "blubber" helped keep us warm. But the bears were just laying around and the pull of poop is too strong for a 4 year old. Hence, the following excerpts from our day.

"Hahahahaha! That rhino just peed! And now it's going to walk through it's own poop! Hahahaha!"

"If we brush this goat's tail, do you think it will poop on us?"

"The tractor doesn't work 'cause of all the pigeon poop."

"Mommy, is that poop floating in the pig-nosed turtle water?"

"Once, I saw a giraffe poop right here."

See that picture up there?  It's M, most likely pointing to poop.                                                                      

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