Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Dangers of Mini Golf

The first week of January was lonely for me, with R back to work and the Salad back to school.  It was like starting from scratch all over again.  I thought if I was feeling down in the dumps, the Salad must be too.  So I picked up my mom, drove to their school, scooped them up 30 minutes early and took everyone to Linvilla Orchards.  They had just opened an indoor miniature golf course that I wanted to check out, to see if it might be a fun spot for their birthday party in February.

Once again, we were the only people there*.  We took our time on the very age appropriate course and each one of us got at least 1 hole-in-one.  Though, as we played through, I heard myself saying the same things, over and over.  "Don't stand on the green when someone else is hitting their ball."  "Please stand back when someone else is swinging their club."  "Please stop swinging your club around so violently."
I realized towards the end, it's a cute way to spend an afternoon.  But a birthday party?  With 24 kids under 7?  Swinging clubs?  Golf balls flying through the air?

Accident waiting to happen, people.  Accident waiting to happen.

*However will I avoid crowds when the Salad is in school full time?   

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