Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tearing it up

R has torn patella tendons in both knees.  He should have had them operated on years ago.  Instead, he runs a few times a week, plays hockey, soccer and football on them.  I fear what's going to do them in though are the new scooters that Santa bought the Salad.  Every time we take a scooter ride around the block, R grabs one of the scooters and takes off, under the guise that he wants to show them "how to coast."  But each time he loses control of the scooter and winds up flat on his back with the Salad hovering around asking if he has any boo-boos and me kneeling a few feet away, trying hard not to let anyone see I'm in hysterics. 

"He ruptured his tendon in a horrific scooter accident.  Yes, Doctor, I said scooter.  A Razor scooter."

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