Monday, January 16, 2012

Un / Fortunately

The Salad had a short hiatus from school the week between Christmas and New Year.  Plus, R took the week off from work.  So, if the Salad were late sleepers, that week would have been the week to sleep late.  Unfortunately, M is an early riser.  "Early" as in, as soon as he sees the sky turn light in the 1/4" gap between sill and shade on his window, he's up and at 'em.  Or shall I say, up and at me? 

Since daylight savings time, we've been working on teaching him to lay quietly in bed until the small hand of his wall clock is on the 7.  He's been doing an excellent job, too.  During our "vacation" we got to sleep in until 7:02 AM every morning! 

The next week, it was back to reality.  I was out of practice though, and made the grave mistake of hitting my alarm off and rolling over on the Salad's first day back to school.  Fortunately, M is an early riser and crept into my room at 7:06 AM to quietly whisper in my ear, "Mommy, don't we have to get ready for school?"
Good thing one of us is responsible.

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