Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Good

Seeing the day another way . . .

It's easy to occupy 4 years olds.  Offer them complimentary doughnuts and hot chocolate and they are good for quite a long time.  2 trips to the bathroom, checking out the floor model Toyotas, a basket of used toys and PBS helped too.

The Salad was thrilled when I pulled out the clay.  S set to work making a present for our playdate on Thursday.  The kicker is that our "playdate" she's talking about is lunch with our 65 year old neighbor McNulty and her slight younger sister, McNulty.  I'm not sure how it started that we call them McNulty, but the ladies crack up ever time we see them and the Salad screams across to them, "Hi McNulty!"

We had fatty food for lunch.  I enjoyed lunch.

Grammy, Aunt Jen and Ian came bowling with us.  The kids bowled for free. 

They played 2 games and yesterday, for the first time ever, M made it through both games without getting distracted or scooching.  I felt proud of him.  My baby boy is growing up.

I'm trying to keep this post positive, but there isn't a very bright side to credit card fraud.  A very dim silver lining, I guess, would be that we are getting the $61.98 charge credited back to our account. 

The Kung Fu Panda part of my day was just what the doctor ordered.  My babies were warm and cozy.  They made me laugh.  Their movie repertoire is very limited.  They didn't understand that the movie was about believing in yourself.  They don't really get the epic good versus evil battle.  They have never even heard the word "evil" probably.  You know what A and S kept saying, as the panda and cheetah fought, breaking through walls, sending rocks and dust flying?  "Oh boy, Mommy.  That cheetah is really making a big mess!"

And now here I lay, listening to the rain, safe in bed with my hard working husband, with a beautiful Fruit Salad tucked into bed in the next room.

Today was a very good day.

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  1. I truly wish I could think this way at the end of each day...decompress from the stresses (as in your earlier post) but then acknowledge all the great stuff too :)