Friday, August 19, 2011

And so it begins . . .

It has rained for the last 47 days.  Ok.  I'm exaggerating.  It has probably only been 7 of the last 9 days, but it feels like 47.  So today when it hadn't stormed by noon, I hustled the Salad into their bathing suits and got our bottoms to the pool.  Summer's almost over, don't ya know?

I don't like posting without pictures, but I had to get this story written, before I forgot the exact wording. 

Conversation between M and his wing woman A.

M:  "A, see that little girl?" (pointing to a blond girl about 7 years of age)
A:  "Yes, that's Alyssa.  She's our friend." (they had played together for approximately 2 minutes)
M:  "I want to meet her.  Bring her to me." (standing on the side of the pool)
A:  "Ok." (dutifully, she gets out of the shallow pool that we were playing in, marches to the deep pool, and stands on the end, screaming "Alyssa!  Alyssa!  Alyssa, our brudder wants to meet you!"
Alyssa either doesn't hear her or doesn't answer her.
A:  "I tried, M." (shrugging her shoulders, as she re-enters the shallow pool)
M:  "Awwww.  I really wanted to meet her.  Maybe later, A?"
A:  "Yeah.  Ok, M."

I love this for So.Many.Reasons.

1.  My children LOVE meeting other kids. 
2.  M knows his sisters would do anything for him.
3.  A and S do anything for him, knowing he returns the favors.  For example, each and every time we go to the super market M asks the cashier for stickers "for my girls."  And he runs to get their respective lovely when they cry or kiss boo boos or feed them applesauce if their "hands are too tired."

I kid you not.  This is my life.  How lucky am I? 

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