Friday, August 12, 2011

Like a Good Neighbor, McNulty is there.

Our elderly neighbors, the McNulty sisters (or McNulty as the Salad calls them) love my babies.  Not Ms. McNulty, not Ms. Mary or Ms. Kathleen.  Just McNulty.  An amalgam of old lady, who get a kick out of my children. 

So they invited us into their home for lunch.  Their very clean home - full of knick knacks, glass coffee tables and white furniture.  It's a veritable landmine of accidents for a 4 year old. 

The Salad is fairly personable, and so makes polite conversation with anyone willing to sit and decipher what they are saying.  McNulty sat with rapt attention as M explained that we had had the back yard sodded on Tuesday.  They eagerly accepted A's invitation that they come play on our new swing set.  When S said that "it was her pleasure to help serve the hot dogs" McNulty roared with laughter.
We finished off our lunch, enjoyed the sundae bar McNulty provided, complete with spraying whipped cream directly from can to mouth, and walked back across the street.

During prayers that night, S ended her list of things she was thankful for with "and even McNulty".

I'm thankful for good neighbors, too.

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