Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sew what?

I handed M button up jammies to put on before bed the other night and then left the room to throw in a load of wash.  When I came back, he had buttoned up the shirt but I could see the buttons and holes were not properly aligned.  I didn't mention it, 'cause I didn't want to discourage him and it was only off by 1 hole anyway.  He was staring down at the shirt, clearly he could tell something was wrong, but couldn't figure out exactly what.  "Mommy," he said thoughtfully, "could you ask Meglet to add a button up here and a hole down here?  It looks like there aren't enough!"  I was proud of him for his problem solving skills, and also embarrassed that even he, at such a tender age, knows my limitations when it comes to sewing.
Thank God for Meglet.

PS - Meglet?  A needs you to sew a seam of her quilt.  Thanks in advance.

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