Saturday, December 10, 2011

Treasure Hunt

We explored a new park with friends the last Monday in November.  It was so close to the end of November that I'm calling it December for the sake of "Can you believe it was 70 degrees outside!?!"  It was warm enough that as soon as we saw a stream, off came the shoes and socks and in went the kids.  I suggested this park for three reasons:

1. It's close to home.
2. Our favorite waitress told us there were lots of frogs.
3. There are 3 geocaches, hidden throughout the trees. 

The kids played hard.  They found a beautiful, green 8 foot long length of bamboo.  I'll be darned if M and Peter with a little help from one of the girls at the end, didn't carry that bamboo from a small island to the "mainland" while balancing themselves on a log, fallen over the stream.  I'll note here that Peter spotted a snake on the small island.  M had made it to the mainland already, but when he heard that news, he scurried back across the island to see said snake.  Ms. Amy scurried right behind, to be sure the snake wasn't poisonous.  Be on the look out for a follow up post, including a detailed discussion over email between 2 preschool boys.
We ate snacks in the woods.  We made a see-saw from a fallen tree.  We climbed the steepest hill ever.  We slid down the steepest hill ever on our bottoms.  We dangled precariously over a bridge.  Some of us may have peed on a tree, while the rest giggled with delight and curiosity on the other side of the tree.
We never did find those frogs or those geocaches.  But there were so many parts of the day that more than made up for it, that as we drove away A said, "That's OK we didn't treasure hunt.  That just means we can go back another day!"  Note to self - when we do go back (and we most certainly will) bring a GPS.

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