Monday, August 20, 2012

Building Blocks

Original post written on July 12, 2012

Before breakfast I explained to the Salad what a blue print was and asked them to draw a blueprint of our house. They gladly obliged with rudimentary sketches of an oven to denote the kitchen and smiling faces for each of our bedrooms.

Then, we walked the 4 blocks to the National Building Museum. Every website I’ve read said, stop in just to ogle the building itself. I told the Salad it was built with over 15 million bricks and M noted that was like a really big Lego project. Indeed, little boy.

We headed straight for the traveling Lego exhibit, with some of the world’s more famous buildings built entirely out of Legos. Then we found our Holy Grail. A room with small chairs and low tables outlining every wall. And Legos. Millions and millions of Legos, all at our disposal. Washington does things right, I tell you. This place was clean, organized perfectly (a difficult task for sure when contending with gobzillions of tiny bricks) and spacious enough that even though there were at least 50 kids plus their adults all rummaging for this color or that size, we never once felt crowded. There weren’t overbearing guards waiting for a little body to climb on a table. There weren’t any broken pieces. There wasn’t anyone rushing us away from our masterpieces. We spent an hour playing, breaking only because we had timed tickets to another building area of the museum. The Salad liked that area as well, but M kept asking to go back to the Legos. “I’m hoping the Titanic I’m working on is still there.” Sure enough, his project was there, waiting to be finished. It was interesting to watch those 3. My girls can usually sit at a task for a good long while and most often finish that task. M, on the other hand, needs to be moving, whether his body or on to another task. He just moves. But here, the girls were up and searching, starting one project after another. And all the while, M diligently sat at his “Titanic.” 2 hours and 8 minutes in total.
That, my friends, is a new record.

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