Friday, August 10, 2012

Honesty – is it REALLY always the best policy?

Confession time.  We just got back from a month long vacation.  30 days!  R took a temporary assignment in Washington DC so that the Salad and I could go with him and tool around the city while he worked.  It was incredible.  The Salad and I are blessed.  We had very sketchy Internet access, so though I wrote about where we went each day, I didn't blog.  This means the next 20 or so blog entries (as well as the previous entry about the Hirshhorn) took place in DC.

Original post written on July 11, 2012

S is recovering from an ear infection so we played our 4th full day in Washington easy. We walked to the movie theater up the street from our apartment for the 11:50 AM showing of "Brave." Or as A calls the movie every time we mention it, “Disney Pixar’s Brave,” as in “Mommy, thanks for taking us to see Disney Pixar’s Brave!”

11:50 AM is such a strange time for an hour and forty minute long movie. Right smack in the middle of lunch. And you’d really have to twist my arm to make me pay movie theater snack prices. So I snuck in some turkey pepperoni, cheese sticks, freeze dried mangoes and skittles. S is terrified of breaking rules. She refused to eat any of the food, because we hadn’t purchased it there. Every time someone walked into the theater, she would panic and scramble to hide the cheese stick in A’s hand. She was a nervous wreck, poor thing.
Her anxiety peaked this evening as a very kind Metro worker, who was fascinated with the Salad being triplets, escorted them through the turnstiles, rather than R and I buying 3 additional Metro fare cards. I’m talking streaming tears.

I’m walking a fine line between breaking the rules and bending the rules.

This is gonna be a hard lesson to teach . . .

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