Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crisis Averted

Original post written on July 13, 2012

The Salad and I took the Metro to the US Botanical Gardens today. It was humid and 91 degrees, but overcast, so I thought we should hit the outdoor stuff before the temps soared into the high 90s later this week. The day didn't seem to be heading the way I wished. Within minutes of getting to the garden, A complained she was hot and sweaty, S complained she was thirsty and hungry and M became overly obsessed with finding out if the Gardens housed any frogs. Normally that trifecta would have done me in. But I took a minute and regrouped. We walked into the conservatory and I asked the guard where was there air conditioning, where there was a water fountain and where we could eat. On our way to please A and S, I accosted a worker in the Jungle room and asked if there were any frogs in the Gardens. By the grace of God, he said there were several and told us where to look. We drank and snacked in the air and headed out refreshed, equipped with the Botanical Gardens plant scavenger hunt in hand. We ended the trip on a high note, thankfully. Though, we never found M's great white whale, er . . . I mean small green frog.

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