Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lazy days indeed

Original post written on July 16, 2012

Today we walked 3 blocks to the National Gallery of Art. I had read that they were starting a program called Stories in Art and thought it sounded like something the Salad might enjoy. It's like glorified story time at our local library. Except sitting on the floor of a Gallery, surrounded by Monets, Renoirs, Pissaros. And, like most other things in this amazing capitol city, it was free! So they listened to a story about Paris, a docent taught them how to view a piece of art, and answered questions about Renoir's "Pont Neuf." Then we headed to an atrium with a fountain and a small garden and sat on the floor to paint a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Another mom pulled me aside and said, "I've been watching your kids and they look so . . . friendly. My daughter is 5 and very shy, do you think you could ask them to talk to my daughter?" I called the Salad over and introduced them to our new friend. S took her hand immediately. A and M gathered around her, as if to shelter her. They made me proud. After we finished up our morning at the gallery, I strolled them through the Sculpture Garden and we all dipped our feet in the fountain for 30 minutes before we walked home for lunch.
We watched Sword and the Stone at quiet time. I had forgotten how good that movie is. After the movie we headed down to the pool for our afternoon swim. We met more new friends and barely made it back to the apartment before R got in from work. We changed into nice clothes, called Grammy, practiced some numbers and headed out for some low country BBQ, where we checked off one of the more interesting items on our "Summer of Trying" list - fried pickles. Screw those lazy days of summer. We are jam packing as much living into each summer day as we can.

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