Thursday, August 23, 2012

Through the eyes of a 5 year old

Original post written on July 14, 2012

R had Saturday off, so we headed to the National Zoo before the weather soared again later in the week. While we were waiting in a long line of traffic to find a parking spot, a deer ran in front of our car to join 3 does on the other side. The Salad screamed with excitement and we weren't even in the Zoo yet. Interestingly, I had been on the Zoo's website the night before and it had made a point to say that children, for reasons frustrating to parents, often find common things at the Zoo exhilarating and to allow plenty of time to stop and observe ant hills or sparrows eating leftover sandwiches.

R and I were continuously astounded that this, along with so many other amazing things in DC, was free! The bathrooms were clean. The exhibits were lush and green. The animals just different enough from our usual stomping grounds of the Philadelphia Zoo to be exotic. We spent the most time at the alpaca exhibit watching them pee and poop. The Salad (and dare I say R and I) were fascinated by how patiently the 3 stood waiting their turn in line to pee and poop in the same hole. Certainly more patient than the Salad are at waiting their turn on the loo.

We capped off the day with a tapas dinner at a Spanish restaurant. I was proud of the Salad for trying everything - squid, shrimp, lamb chop, asparagus, sangria. Oh, come on now. Just a coffee stirrer full. Geez. If they're willing to try squid, you'd better be dang sure I'm gonna let them chase it with sangria.
If pictures speak 1000 words, then this one is War and Peace

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