Sunday, March 6, 2011


This is a family blog. I usually talk about the family that lives in this house with me, mostly my Salad. But today I wanted to talk about the rest of my family. My amazing, selfless, loving family.

My parents would do anything for their grand children. We spent the night at their house recently and I think my parents were more excited than the Salad. They made hot chocolate and popcorn while we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They spent the night being battered, as S thrashed around in bed between them. They got up early with them so I could sleep in, making eggs and pancakes for breakfast. My mom took them to the store to buy new paints, so I could shower in peace. My mom helped them build and decorate a fort made from cardboard that my dad brought home from work for them. They go out of their way to make every second with my babies special.

My older sister heard that R was traveling for the week and immediately set about scheduling a dinner date with us. So on Friday night, we invaded their house, bringing with us battles about food, shrieks of laughter, a little girl who love to wrestle Unka By, a little boy who sees a new Hide and Seek zone, and another little girl who adores her 11 year old cousin. And they lovingly gave us their time, their chocolate chip cookies, and their best hiding places.

I invited myself and my litter of children to spend the night at my younger sister's house. They had activities planned that they knew my Salad would love, including having M help Uncle Pat build a work bench in the garage. That boy loves his tools. The girls put on make up and their princess clothes with Aunt Jo while I set them a tea party, with real tea in A's plastic tea set. They paid $8.00 to take my children on a 4 minute train ride from Downingtown to Thorndale. They restocked their pantry with all of our favorite foods. They bathed them and snuggled them through Finding Nemo. They rearranged furniture so we could all sleep together. Even Mugz was a gentle dog, thrilling M by sleeping at the foot of his sleeping bag.

I am so proud to be a part of this family. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for giving it to me.

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