Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Girl who Loves Food

I write on this blog as a way of remembering the little things. The minutiae of life with many small children. Often times I will write something they have said down on a scrap of paper and chuck it into a file on our desk. This weekend, while cleaning out that file, I noticed a trend. I ask A a question about anything, she answers about food. Me: What should we make with the play dough?
A: Turkey. And Mr. Golden Sunshine.

Me: What would you like to talk about?
A: Ummmmm, how about M & Ms?

R (drawing everyone pictures at the diner one morning): What would you like me to draw for you?
A: How about you draw hummus?

Me: Who wants to go to the movies?!
A: Can we have popcorn?


  1. sounds like my kind of girl:)

  2. love it!!!aunt jo