Monday, March 21, 2011

My Mulligan

M was doing a typical 4 year old "My PJs are lumpy, I want water, there was a light in my window, I hear a noise" crying thing the other night, right before bed. I just wanted my day to be over. I went in and said, "What do you want? Please go to bed! I'm not coming back in this room, so if you continue to cry, you will cry yourself to sleep." I heard my voice and immediately, I felt terrible. I felt even worse when he looked up and said in his tiny voice, "I'm sorry, Mommy. Are we still best friends?" I kissed away his tears and slunk out of the room.


I want a do-over.


  1. aw look its Mugzy baby!!! No worries we all have days we wish we had do-overs need I say Cookie Day 2005?!?! Luvz Aunt Jo

  2. The good part is, kids have a way of helping you with the do-over. And when you kissed him good-night, all was right with the world again :) Oh, and the lumpy pj's? That's priceless!