Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Collection of Memories

* After gymnastics on Friday, we grabbed our gardening gloves and tools and headed down to Grammy's. We were about 10 minutes into weeding when Grammy grabbed what she thought was a stick. Turned out to be an 8" garter snake. And that was the end of gardening for us.

* We've been enjoying the spring like weather, digging in the dirt every chance we get. The other day, I asked M what he was mixing up after watching him throw dirt, small rocks and water into a bucket. "Concreek," he answered.

* We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday the first week of March. We made a "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" Venn diagram, using their hula hoops.

* On a recent car ride home from Grammy and Pop's, I stopped at a red light and peeked in the rear view mirror. M was counting the stickers that he has been collecting on his window for the last 2 years. S was drawing our family on her magna doodle and A was reading "If you take a Mouse to School." Our windows were down, breathing in 70 degree fresh air. Before they could realize it, I flipped off their kid's music CD and turned on Ani Difranco. I made it through 4 glorious songs before anyone even spoke. I freaking love times like that.

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