Friday, March 18, 2011

Luck of the (partially) Irish

The Salad woke up to green water in the toilets on St. Patrick's Day. I told them leprechauns must have used our bathrooms overnight. S told me I was the silliest mommy on earth. The marvels of green food coloring.

I had gone downstairs early this morning and dropped green food coloring into the bottoms of our clear milk glasses, so that when I poured their milks, the Salad thought it was magic. I truly LOVE this age. I also LOVE green food coloring.
We went to Giggle Gang after breakfast and made some clover crafts, while listening to a book about the day. Then I treated them to McDonald's for lunch. Like any Irish blooded American, we ordered a shamrock shake and took the obligatory one sip, before declaring it "gross." They always seem like such a great idea.

We soaked up every bit of the warm sunny day, searching for 4 leaf clovers on our lawn. When we didn't find any, M said we didn't need them anyway. "We were soooo lucky today because we saw a street sweeper on our block and got 4 extra chicken nuggets!"

Gotta go now . . . I'm giving the Salad a bath in a tub full of green water. And no, not with green food coloring.


  1. I love your ideas ! I will have to use the green toilets next year!

  2. haha I laughed so hard when Matty called and asked if a leprechaun pee peed in my toilet!! Luv Aunt Jo