Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My funny Valentines

Lucky for me, Valentine's Day fell on a Monday, giving me the perfect reason to create themed Muffin Tins for lunch. Heart shaped PB & J sandwiches, strawberry flavored applesauce, dried cranberries, purple yogurt drink and 2 heart shaped marshmallows for dessert - I love me a theme.
After lunch, we were invited to a Valentine's Party at Miss Amy's. She had craft supplies and asked the playgroup kids to decorate a bag to store all of their Valentines. We sat around in a big circle and made the exchange. The Salad and I forwent the traditional written cards and opted for the more useful gift of homemade play dough (scented and dyed pink with kool-aid) stuffed into plastic hearts from the Dollar Store. We got quite a haul, including chocolate and lolly pops.

We headed home with our loot, to find a box of roses at the door from daddy. While the Salad took some quiet time, I drew each of them up a treasure map. If they followed the map correctly, there was a box of chocolate waiting at the end. Seriously, you would have thought we told them we were going to Disney World, they were so excited. It's so easy to see where that expression "childlike enthusiasm" comes from.
Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!


  1. your such a good mommy! love Aunt jo

  2. I gotta get some of those trays!!! So adorable :) We want to come hang out with the Salad!!