Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Egg Salad

Picture it: Easter 2010. We arrive home from Mass and breakfast at the diner. The Salad is overjoyed at the sight of their baskets filled with goodies like bubbles, watering pales and Peeps. After a little quiet time, we head out onto the lawn to hunt for plastic eggs, filled with 1 jelly bean. We have to pace ourselves, Peeple. S spots an egg at the edge of the lawn and begins to run down the hill. She trips. She face plants. Eggs fly. Her brother and sister see that she is down and with vulture-like instinct, prey upon the scattered eggs, popping them open and downing the precious candy inside, all before S has made it to her feet.

I have video evidence.

Now imagine this scene playing out on a larger scale. More kids, bigger kids, strange kids bowling my Salad down for the sake of sweets. The thought makes my blood boil and sends chills down my spine simultaneously.

And so it was with relief, the Salad and I accepted the invitation to Ms. Amy's egg hunt. Meant only for our playgroup, kids that have been playing together for 2, some 3 years. These are kids that love each other and when they have to fight, they do it with grace. There were eggs aplenty, filled with treats (thanks for the peanut butter eggs, Amy!)
When the hunt was over, we feasted on fruit and snacks, played hide and seek, and had egg races. When they got tired of that, they used Ms. Amy's many ride-on toys to have high-speed races down a treacherous hill. Amazingly, we left with all of our teeth and nary a trip to the emergency room.

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  1. I remember that video, I hate to say it but it was hilariious!:( Luvz Aunt Jo