Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magic - 1, Catholicism - 0

I've been trying to explain what Easter is about to the Salad. Besides chocolate bunnies and egg hunts, that is. I've not used the specific terms, Crucifixion and Resurrection. But I've done the best I can. Apparently, my best is not good enough. During prayers last night, S asked R if he knew God was magic, because he was able to "make his baby son alive again." God - akin to The Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. As further proof that we may be lacking in the Catechism area, M asked at Mass on Easter morning if the "Peter" the priest was talking about was Peter Pan. There was also some jealousy when A and M remember that only the adults get "candy" from the priest.

Gah. Wait till I try to explain the whole host-as-the-body-of-Christ-thing.


  1. Aleast they were paying attention to hear that the priest even said Peter. We stood behind a 6 year old who kept pulling up her dress and playing with her belly button. I wanted to throw up yikes belly buttons :( -Luvz aunt jo

  2. You are doing a great job! I'm not sure that my kids pay that much attention to the priests words.
    Whenever we have these talks with the kids, I realize how strange it all sounds. But I don't remember finding any of it all that strange as a young child. I think it goes with the age for the kids to find God to be magical...it's not necessarily a bad thought ;)