Friday, April 22, 2011

Hog Heaven

About 2 months ago, as they drove pass the Harley-Davidson store, my brother-in-law made casual mention to M that "Maybe Aunt Jen will bring you to the motorcycle store tomorrow when she takes Ian to buy his new bike." Unfortunately, the Harley-Davidson store is en route to our library, so each Tuesday M has asked "Is today tomorrow, Mommy?" When my sister heard this, she raced over after work on a Friday evening and off they went to the motorcycle store. Apparently, Harley-Davidson is a hidden gem for the preschool set. M had free reign of the store, several store employees outfitting him with helmets and gloves, before perching him atop any bike he wanted. They shoved gobs of free Harley key chains into his hot little fists. They sent him on his way with the 2011 Road Guide and 2 GIANT orange balloons. My sister said when he sat on the bikes, M was still as a statue, soaking in every word the sales guy told him about the helmet vs. no helmet debate.

(please note - this is NOT a Harley)

I see a Hog in our future.

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