Friday, April 8, 2011

Freedom for my Salad

I need some freedom
Freedom for my people
I want some freedom
Freedom freedom for my people
I'd like some freedom

It was in this song's vein that we ended up at Freedom Playground last Wednesday. Just 5 days before, we awoke to snow flakes. Days of rain and clouds and cold had kept us inside. So when Miss Amy heard it would be mild, the message went out to playgroup - "Freedom Playground, we'll be there at 10:00." And so would we. We had the run of the playground, sand pit and tire swing included. We had a picnic lunch and managed to squeak 20 more happy minutes out of the day with a rousing game of Hide and Seek. Kids love that game. It's amazing really - I kept finding other kids that weren't with our playgroup, joining in on the fun. The more the merrier, unless you don't know how many kids are playing and forget to seek 1 or 2 of them. Whoops. It was a much needed day outdoors. The only crying that occurred was during the races down the triple slide when A's foot caught on the slide and she went "ass over tin cups," as my mother would say. I scooped her up, searched for signs of injury and then tried to hide my smile, because I thought, "Oooh, she went ass over tin cups!" And that expression in plain old hysterical.

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  1. Love your U2 reference of course! We need some freesom too...glad you got a little taste of it :)