Friday, April 22, 2011


My sister asked me to watch my wonderful 11 year old nephew yesterday and Monday. I was a little nervous, wanting to do things that Ian would enjoy, that were still feasible with 3 - 4 year olds. He's a smart kid, my nephew, so I thought he might enjoy doing a little Easter-related science experiment. We started the day off by boiling a pot of red cabbage, a pot of spinach, a pot of dill, a pot of turmeric and a pot of beets. Then I asked Ian, after looking at the water we were left with, to write down what color he thought hard boiled eggs would turn out if we used that water for egg dye. If you decide to try it, you're in for a real surprise with the red cabbage! Also if you decide to try it, be forewarned, open your windows. It's a little . . . um . . . stinky.
We had a day jam-packed full of fun, walking to the super market to pick our own pizza toppings, exploring a pond, going to a super cool playgroup (it had trains!) and then chasing down the ice cream truck.Whew. Off to figure out Monday!

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  1. did the cabbage turn the egg blue?