Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Streets of Philadelphia

At the first hint of spring, i.e. a 45 degree partly sunny day, I threw on our winter coats, picked up my mom and headed down to the Zoo. We searched for signs of spring - green buds, robins, flowers, etc. We had up close views of every animal we wanted to see, because hardly anyone else had ventured out. We stopped by the train ride on our way to the petting zoo and quickly spotted our friends Peter, Lucy and baby Thomas. It was a great surprise and I loved hearing M ask Peter, "Um, hey Peter, do you want to go feed the goats with us?" Peter was glad to oblige. I realized we were nearing the end of our rope when A started saying that her legs were tired. And it was a loooong way to the car. We said our goodbyes, sat in goose poop, cleaned up goose poop and had a potty break before leaving the children's area. A complained the whole uphill walk. Thankfully, we passed the carousel and I saw it as an opportunity to 1) rest weary legs and 2) provide a distraction. Worked like a charm for about 3 minutes until A asked me to pick her up. Finally we made it to the exit of the Zoo. Just as we did, the clouds parted, the sun shined (shone?) down and the angels sang. OK. The angel part didn't happen. But the clouds did part and the warm sun did shine down. It had been so long since the Salad had felt full-on sunlight, they did what felt natural.

They laid down.

On the sidewalk.

In Philadelphia.

Is it any wonder that we are sick all the time?

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