Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Mom / Bad Mom

Around 4:00 on Thursday, I realized I needed a few things for dinner. It's not the best time of day for us. We are tired from our morning activities, getting anxious for daddy to come home, a little hungry. Not every day, but most days. Nonetheless, I needed to go to the supermarket. I did the "good mom" and told them what kind of behavior I expected. Then, to cover my bases, I did the "bad mom" and bribed them with gum balls, if they exceeded my expectations.


We hit the deli counter first. The guy behind there doled out free slices of cheese to the Salad. They were thrilled.

We quickly gathered up the few things I needed and stopped by the bakery to look through the book of the cakes you can order. The guy behind there came out with a free cookie for each. Seriously, is it Christmas? their looks seemed to say.

We headed to the checkout counter where the girl handed each child a sticker. Cloud nine, I tell ya.

I couldn't deny it, they were excellent. Of course, they didn't have time to misbehave, they were too busy eating. But a promise is a promise.

Gumballs for everybody!

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  1. I just posted too- great minds think alike ;) And this is an awesome post because it's so fantastic when the planets align--especially at the grocery store!!