Thursday, June 30, 2011

In which I write about Doughnuts and Tires

Our friends Lucy and Peter had a joint birthday party over the weekend.  It was a pajama party at 9:30 Saturday morning.

There was something for everyone.  Case in point - the Salad thought it was hysterical that we didn't have to change out of our bedtime clothes.  And the party was outside!

For R, there were doughnuts in lieu of cake.

For me, there was bacon.

After the bacon thing, I don't feel the need to say more, except that I will.  Say more, that is.
We popped balloons, played games, and invaded Lucy and Peter's house.  And if all this weren't enough to make a great day, we had to get new tires on the van.  M could have stood at that garage all day watching the mechanic work.  But we opted to hike up a dangerous stretch of Baltimore Pike to check out a few things at Home Depot.  I wondered briefly if the people in the cars that we were dragging our Salad in front of when the lights changed, thought something along these lines, "Dude, if you didn't have so many kids, maybe you could afford a car."

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