Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from Dove soap, from Jello and Andes candies.

I am from an old stone porch and green cedar shingles.

I am from robins' nests and pink and white peonies.

I am from new pajamas on Christmas Eve and nose freckles from the sun,

from Gardners and Burgharts, Vetters and Mansis.

I am from the determined and the easily amused.

From the "Always remember, I love you very much"es and the "Down in front"s.

I am from 1 God, 7 sacraments and 10 commandments.

I'm from Upper Darby. I'm from Ireland, Germany, Italy.

From meatballs on Sunday and ham smelling of cloves.

From a diamond ring that didn't sparkle enough,

a Grammy who's garden smelled of basil,

And a Grandmom who cheated playing Monopoly.

I am from Polaroids in albums and 4 x 6s framed on the piano,
from Disneyworld to the Grand Canyon, from Ocean City to Laguna Beach,
from birthdays, vacations, graduations and weddings.


Thanks, Jane, for the inspiration.
Here is the template, in case anyone wants to share where they are from.

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