Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feed me and I'm happy.

My birthday this year was a cool 93 degrees.  Compared to last year's blazing hot 104 degrees, it was an arctic blast.  I woke up to a very happy boy kissing my face, wishing me a "Happy Birthday!"  The morning proceeded much like every other morning.  I made the Salad breakfast, showered, dressed and hit the ground running.  We had errands to get done before lunch, so that I could enjoy the afternoon at the pool with my Salad, my mom, my older sister and my sweet nephew. 

Impulsively, I bought an avocado at Trader Joe's.  We had left over limes from R's homemade Key Lime pie over the weekend.  I've been in the mood for chickpeas lately.  I combined them all together with some cilantro and balsamic vinegar and made a perfect summer birthday salad for lunch.  The eating kind of salad.  Not the people kind of Salad.
My mom surprised me with lemonade and homemade brownies, enjoyed after a lively rendition of "Happy Birthday," complete with candles.  And if that wasn't enough, I convinced my sister to go on the GIANT slide.  Seriously, you have to climb 20 feet just to get to the nearly vertical drop into the pool.  I've been eager to slide since the first time I laid my eyes upon it, but it seems to be a magnet for the 8-14 year old boy set and a repellent for the 25-? mom set.  My nephew offered to pay me $5.00 if I went down.  So yes, I succumbed to peer pressure  and monetary gain and stood in line with 3 prepubescent boys.  It was a freaking blast and I plan to do it again and often.  Plus, A and S think I am super cool. 

We arrived home to find pink roses and orange Peruvian lilies from my sweet husband.  They look pretty against the greenish, grayish bluish color of our kitchen  I dig orange and blue together.  It explains my laundry room. 

Anyway, July 6th also happens to be National Fried Chicken day.  I feel like the luckiest girl alive.  I have an excuse to eat fried chicken on my birthday.  I am perpetuating a national day.  I fulfilled my duty as an American.

While I set up our picnic dinner, R and the Salad baked me chocolate cupcakes with green vanilla frosting.  Perfect ending to a perfect day. 

Wow.  I love me my food.  It is no surprise that the best picture I have from the day is my lunch.

I may have a problem.

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