Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden State Discovery Museum Day

Also known as The Day We Lost Some Kids.

Our playgroup took another trip out of state to New Jersey's children's museum exactly 1 month ago.  I am a terrible blogger.  But we got a new camera card and then I misplaced our old camera card and then I didn't bother to look for it until tonight when I got tired of seeing this post as an unfinished draft.  Gah.  I hate unfinished draft posts.  Stay tuned for many, many more out of sync posts to come.  Ok then, back on track . . .  It's always a nice change of pace from the crazy huge Please Touch Museum. It's tiny, but the mini hockey rink and stage full of dress up more than make up for its size.
I'll blame its size for making us moms a bit more relaxed when we visit. And now we know, if we let up our vigilance for even a moment, a child might slip by you or engage you in a game of hide and seek and forget to let you know.

Fear not, all children were found, physically and emotionally unscathed.

The moms? Well, our emotions may have been scathed.

Just a bit.

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