Saturday, July 30, 2011

And we joined anyway.

Playgroup headed to the Delaware Museum of Natural History a few weeks ago.  Here is an excerpt from their website . . . "Kids have a wildly good time at the Delaware Museum of Natural History!"

Someone should have informed the old bitty at the admission desk, who smelled of Cheetos and spoke of "finishing up that cigarette" that kids are indeed welcome in the museum.  Instead of welcoming us, she shushed us 17 times before we'd seen the first exhibit.  The kids didn't notice, but it sure got my back up.

More from the website "The interactive Nature Nook is a place where young children can explore animal habitats while having fun. Step inside a cave, walk through a woodland, enter an eagle's nest, and lots more! Museum personnel will help facilitate interactions between children and their parents/caregivers, plus display live animals for up-close looks." 

Crap, crap and more crap.  While the Salad did enjoy petting a snake, the "museum personnel" in attendance had the personality of a wet dish rag.  We left the Nature Nook after a different museum worker, stuck her head inside the cave where 7 preschoolers, 1 baby and 1 MOTHER were reading and made some snide reminder about being "respectful.  This is still part of a museum!"
Look how engaging that "museum personnel" is!  Crap.
The atmosphere inside the museum was so stuffy, we chose to eat outside even though it was raining.   

We left shortly after lunch and the best part of our day was crawling all over, falling off and diving into a small iron fountain on the lawn.  I even let the Salad take pennies from the water.    Take that Delaware Museum of Natural History!    


  1. What a disappointment. You showed them!

  2. Let's get as large a group as possible together and take ALL of our kids on the same day...and let's bring print-outs of the website.
    In all seriousness, you should go on their website and write about it. They either need to update their website or their staff. Ugh!