Friday, July 8, 2011

On our way to Ocean City

My SIL graciously invited us to her beach house for the day, and the Salad and I graciously accepted.  And we then invited my mother along for the ride.  Thanks, Aunt Nicky! 
Growing up without cousins, it brings me a great amount of joy to see these 5 cousins play together.  4 - 4 year olds and 1 - 6 year old, who takes her role as older cousin very seriously.  Not a quarrel, or whine all day.  Just a lot of wave jumping, castle building, M burying, hole digging and hand holding.

And who cares if only 1 among them could figure out how to ride those dang bumper cars? 
I had a good laugh going over the bridge on the way home, when after a long tiring day in the sun, my mom got a little punch drunk.  She was supposed to be reading the Salad a Strawberry Shortcake book.  About 3/4 of the way through the book, I realized that what she was saying wasn't making much sense.  She was just kinda saying words.  "Berry."  "Spiders."  "Pancakes."  "Haunted House."  "Play."  "Apple Dumplin'."  Lucky for her, the Salad was a bit punch drunk, too and while they appeared to be listening with rapt attention, nobody questioned the missing story line.

Eh, who wants to read a book about Halloween in July anyway?  At least, I think it was about Halloween.  I may have missed some of it.  I may have been a little punch drunk myself.

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