Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who's looking at Who?

Our triplet group's 4th annual zoo trip was Sunday. We chose a very small, local zoo so that we could stay together as a group. I mean small. Maybe 40 animals. Maybe more if you count those animals' mates. But not many more. The redeeming factor of the Zoo is the playground. Here are the stats:

8 sets of parents = 16
8 sets of triplets = 24
older siblings = 2
twin* younger siblings of 1 set of triplets = 2

*Were you paying attention there? That's 4 year old triplets and 3 year old twins. In one blessed family. They are the 5 missing children in the picture.
That's 44 humans. More humans than animals. We were the most extraordinary exhibit there.


  1. Wow- what a fun trip! And amazing to have all the kids together :)
    I can only imagine the family with trips and twins...that would be like 3 Michaels and 2 Liams for me...whew!

  2. PS: I'd love to know what the animals were thinking!