Sunday, June 19, 2011


Ms. Amy hosted yet another awesome Messy Art Monday this week. We arrived to find 2 clothes baskets full of water balloons. The catch was some of the balloons were filled with paint. She had given us a forewarning, the paint may or may not come off of skin.

Rules were simple:
1. No throwing at faces.
2. No eating the balloons.

The Salad had fun, although A would occasionally forget that the purpose was to throw balloons at each other. She came to me at least twice claiming, "X hit my leg with a balloon!", taking it as a personal offense, rather than the game it was meant to be.
At one point, the Salad and 2 additional children were heaving balloons at my feet, a crazy glint in their eyes, no doubt feeling the cathartic effect that pegging a mother with paint and water was affording them.

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