Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Catch-all Post

Several weeks ago, playgroup hit Linvilla Orchards playground. About 5 of them spent more time looking for caterpillars than sliding or climbing. I emptied one of our lunch containers and they set up a "nice little house" for the bugs. Unfortunately for the caterpillars, I think we loved them right to death. We went to a parade on Memorial Day. It was hot. R and I took shelter in the shade while they Salad sat on a curb, waiting for the parade to come by. Eventually, it got too hot for M and S, and they joined us in the shade. But not A. She sat in the hot sun the entire parade, waving her little flag. It was so patriotic of her. I felt proud.

We've been doing some work in our backyard lately. R and M found a frog one morning. The Salad all held it, though A would only hold it if it was in a bowl. She's kinda like me that way. Sophia is not.
We went to see R play soccer last Thursday. I brought popsicles to encourage sitting and actually watching him play. S is a natural cheerleader, chanting "Go Daddy, go Daddy, go Daddy! Yeah! He kicked it! Great job, Daddy!" Of course, between the bugs, the soccer ball we brought along to play with and an ancient swing set, we missed the 3 times Daddy did score.

I spent a good 30 minutes refilling things today. I refilled 3 hand soap dispensers, 1 coffee machine, 1 toilet paper dispenser, the paper towel holder, 1 reusable bottle of SHOUT, 1 butter dish, 1 baby pool, 3 water guns and 9 drinks.

A has been digging the pirate life lately. There is much shouting "Yo ho, let's go!" and searching for "gold doubloons." On Saturday, I came out back to find her helping R in the yard. Digging holes in full pirate regalia, banada and boots.
M wished on a dandelion the other day, "for all my friends to be with me always." When I asked which friends he was talking about, he looked at me like I was crazy for not knowing that he meant his "sisters."

friends for always

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