Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween 5.0

Every year Halloween gets a little easier.  This year, we actually made it to more than 6 houses.  Though, if I had my way we would have visited our 6 neighbors that we know and gone home to root through our loot.  But, we have new friends that have moved in up the street and we walked with them.  And they have an 8 year old who knows the finer points of trick or treating.

1. Move fast.
2. Hit as many houses as you can.

So we made it to about 20 houses.  But that wasn't the only difference.  No one complained about their costumes.  No one asked me to carry them.  No one was nervous about the dark.  Until we came upon a house with a graveyard on the lawn, smoke rising from a cauldron and a mechanical zombie writhing on the driveway.  That set us back a bit.
But they gathered up their courage and pressed on.  Big Salad.

M whispered to me before bed on Halloween that next year, he'd like to be a STOP sign. 

If I start working on it now, can I convince my girls to be YIELD and RAILROAD CROSSING signs?


  1. I think thta was the funniest thing when that maniquin started moving. Anna (and me) almost peed ourselves!

  2. Some of those spooky scenes are a bit over the top. Congratulations SALAD on a well done Halloween :)