Friday, November 25, 2011

October Collage

* While R was away for work, the Salad and I visited Pumpkinland at Linvilla with Jeba, Dave, their 2 funny girls and the rest of Southeastern PA.  At lunch, Jeba commented on how independent the Salad was.  Seth's mom mentioned it to me the day before.  And while I love that they are independent it makes me wonder if it's a trait they have learned out of necessity.  You know, "No, M!  I'm watching S try to untangle herself from that extension cord!  You'll have to slice your own apple!"

* We had a sleep over at Aunt Jo's to pass the time while R was in Las Vegas.  Aunt Jo and Uncle Pat thought they'd surprise the Salad with a bonfire to roast marshmellows.  A and M thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, S was petrified - hiding behind patio furniture, waving her marshmellow at the fire shouting, "Turn it off!"  Also of note, they have a dog.  Their dog loves eating socks.  He proved this by sneaking into my bedroom and scarfing down S's purple sock while I was in the bathroom.  Thankfully, the Salad has tiny socks, ifyouknowhatImean.

* Ms. Amy sent this link to M, 'cause she thought he'd like to decorate his pumpkin with hardware.  The boy likes his tools.  He thought it was awesomely "cool."  His turned out a bit more like something from a horror movie, but that's OK because it is Halloween and all.
* I turned our sensory rice bin into a Halloween bin of fright, full of Mr. Potatohead body parts and rubber bugs. 

* R and I went to the Fall Festival at the Salad's preschool.  They loved showing us around the playground, saying hello to all their friends, talking to their teachers.  I loved seeing the Salad take ownership of their school.  They seemed so . . . proud.

* It was an unseasonably mild fall, so we spent a lot of time outdoors - biking with our friends, riding draft horses at the Zoo, climbing tree houses at Tyler Arboretum, and exploring Valley Forge park to find the Signal Seekers with Poppy, Grammy and Ian.

* We went to a Halloween Parade in Media.  Girl Scout troops, dance squads and firemen threw tons of candy to the Salad.  M is very observant and shouted at the Boy Scout who paused throwing for a minute to munch on a Snickers that "He's supposed to be throwing the candy, not eating the candy."  4 year olds really hold you accountable, I tell ya.

* Ms. Carol hosted playgroup's Halloween party this year, complete with glow in the dark chalk, a black light room, and magic potion to drink.  We were sent home with glow in the dark scorpions, which twice now I have stumbled upon glowing in the bottom of the Salad's closet.  Dang it if they don't get me every time.

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