Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tie dye edition

Several weeks ago, the weather finally cooperated and I was able to invite our playgroup over to tie dye some clothes.  I spread out cardboard on the lawn and gathered supplies before our guests arrived.  Thankfully, the families staggered in and there wasn't a mad rush on the the 13 bottles of dye. 
The lures of the swing set and dirt to dig in was strong, so as soon as my Salad was through dyeing their shirts and socks, they ran off to play with their friends.  There was an impromptu pomegranate and veggie straw party in the clubhouse and a high energy Frisbee game on the front lawn.  There were tongue tattoos and a perfectly timed street sweeper drive-by.

As we were saying our good byes, I heard this conversation between Colin and A.  Though, A was sitting on the ground, drawing hearts with Peter, seemingly not hearing what Colin was saying.

"A, I really like you.  I had fun playing with you today. Remember my name. Here. Let's have a hug, OK?"  She must have been listening though, because she dutifully stood up with outstretched arms for that hug.  But poor Peter's finger got stomped on in the throes of 4 year old passion.

 Even in the great outdoors, there's not enough room for 3 sets of triplets and a family with 3 children under 4.

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