Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's grosser than gross?

Ms. Amy asked if we were available to play one fair-weathered Tuesday.  We knew we wanted to be outside.  First, we tried to find the model airplanes at Valley Forge, but they weren't flying that day.  Then we tried to watch the planes land at Wings Field while we ate a picnic lunch, but the airfield is under construction.  Ms. Amy had a stroke of genius when she realized how close we were to Morris Arboretum!  So we headed there and it was the perfect move.  Lots of climbing and exploring and splashing in fountains and make believe barbecues with our friends.  I didn't have to break up one fight or hear one unkind word.  I love days like that.  If I'm being honest, though, there were 2 things I wish hadn't happened.  Nothing very bad . . . just gross.

1.  We found a stream and immediately the 4 - 4 year olds, 1- 3 year old and 1 - 1 year old wanted to dip their tootsies.  It was almost 70 degrees and November, how could we say no?  Shoes were thrown, socks were stripped, pants hiked up and in went 12 little feet.  Here's the thing though.  It still was November in the Northeast.  So even though, the air was warm, the water was not.  And S couldn't hold it together anymore.  As soon as her big toe touched that ice cold water, she peed her pants.  "Just a little!  I still gotta go, Mommy!  Run me to a bathroom!"  I scooped her up in my arms, barefoot and soaked, yelled to Ms. Amy to watch my other 2 bathing beauties and took off running to a bathroom.  By the time I found one, S told me she no longer had to go.  For she had already gone.  On my shirt. 

2.  We stopped to eat lunch at a gazebo overlooking a gently sloping hill.  After we ate, the kids ran off to experiment with 4 different types of flying machines that the Salad and I had brought along for everybody.  Once we were through with those, the kiddos took to the hills, throwing themselves down with reckless abandon.  Gathering speed and bowling each other over like pins in an alley.  They laughed and shouted and rolled over and over.  Right through goose poop. 
On the drive home, I realized it was just another day that I somehow wound up with one or all of us covered in poop and pee.  I guess it could be worse . . . or maybe not.

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  1. That is fantastic! Imagine how many awesome memories your kids already have, thanks to your creativity & willingness to just go with it :)