Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks and Giving

My sweet little family has so much to be thankful for.  We have great friends, amazing family, and a hardworking daddy who enables me to stay home to play with my cute Salad.  We have a beautiful house, a swing set in a big yard and lots of fun toys.  Many days we live an idyllic life.  And I want the Salad to know.  So in this month of November, we've been talking about how we have so much and there are other kids who don't have as much, some adults who don't have anything, some people who work hard and deserve thanks.  So we started 4 weeks of Thanks and Giving.  Each week in November, the Salad donated something to someone who was in need or deserved thanks. 

The first week, we brought our Halloween candy (not all of it!) to a local dentist who sends it to our hardworking troops.  M was beyond excited that we were sending something to "real army guys".  In exchange, the dentist gave them new toothbrushes, which they used to clean the tires of my van.  It made me thankful for my 3 person army of willing helpers. 

Week two found us sorting our toys and gathering a big bin of them to donate to our library.  We adore our super cute, super spunky librarian Ms. Julianne.  This week, when we went to story time, the Salad was amazed that we got to "visit" with our old toys.  I am grateful for a fantastic local library system that has provided hours of free enjoyment for the last 3 years.

The third week of November, we gathered a huge bag of non perishable food for a boy scout troop collecting food for a local food bank.  Even though I had explained who the food was for, I heard M say to the girls, "The boy scouts just came to pick up the food for the peoples who don't like to go to the grocery store!"  I am thankful for a husband who likes to grocery shop as a family, even though I say I'd rather do it alone.

This last week of November will find us donating our old winter coats to Greater Philadelphia Cares.  I chose that charity in honor of an old friend who passed away 3 years ago, who gave her time to this noble cause.  I am thankful for friends, new and old.    

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